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slipping by | pt. 3

dear march -- i. thank you for heart-wrenching convictions. for wakeup calls. for shouting your voice loud and clear like a megaphone. ii. i┬ásit in a hard back swivel chair in his private office. so many unknowns. the future draws near and my head spins … Continue reading slipping by | pt. 3


for good

from rags to riches from sinful to forgiven from weary to hopeful from wretched to redeemed Jean Valjean! 24601! "i will repay! i will come your way-- 24601!" "Cosette. Marius. the love you have of each other elates my soul i will do anything for … Continue reading for good

lessons from the enemy’s grasp

having grown up in a Christian household, i entered His family at a pretty young age. but only until recently did i take my personal relationship with Him seriously. For a long time, i was lukewarm. i felt ashamed of being a Christian. even though … Continue reading lessons from the enemy’s grasp