slipping by // pt. 3

dear march —

i. thank you for heart-wrenching convictions. for wakeup calls. for shouting your voice loud and clear like a megaphone.

ii. i sit in a hard back swivel chair in his private office. so many unknowns. the future draws near and my head spins like the swivel chair. it’ll be okay. i’ll be okay. how easily i fill with despair.

iii. i’ve never felt so dumb in my life. maybe i was good for nothing. i gulp and turn back to the voice. so many voices. which one will i listen to? i sit in silence and ponder.

v. sometimes i wish God would speak to me. loud and clear. but then i realize even in the subtle moments his voice becomes clear. p.s. i hate migraines

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for good

from rags to riches
from sinful to forgiven
from weary to hopeful

from wretched to redeemed


Jean Valjean! 24601!
“i will repay!
i will come your way– 24601!”
“Cosette. Marius.
the love you have of each other
elates my soul

i will do anything for you.”


“crucify, crucify!
seize the man. kill the man.

“it. is. done.”


oh, death where is your sting?
our resurrected King
has overcome.
he’s overcome.

for me.


from a manger in a stable
beaten, flogged, and tried
accepted by few
this man paid the price.

for you.


“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20

lessons from the enemy’s grasp

having grown up in a Christian household, i entered His family at a pretty young age. but only until recently did i take my personal relationship with Him seriously. For a long time, i was lukewarm. i felt ashamed of being a Christian. even though i knew Romans 1:16 says “i am not ashamed of the Gospel”, i still felt timid and insecure. i struggled to see God in my life and i yearned to have a real encounter with him.
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