draft #

so i guess it isn’t as easy as i thought. i scribble, but then erase again … refining a never ending story. it seems i am stuck in the climax — the tipping point. character conflict after character conflict. the plot rises, then falls. i scribble, and try to erase, and try to refine. but there seems to be some trouble… i can’t seem to change the story. i am stuck in the climax. things don’t erase no matter how hard i try. and it seems like the characters are stuck in their own sense of doom. there are chapters where Happiness is the star and defeats Sadness, or where Joy trumps Sorrow. others feature Rejection stamping Love, and Discouragement standing taller than Strength. it is all a multitude of messy cycles. chapter after chapter alternate like different mood swings. who will be the final victor? which character will i don to be the savior of the “day”? there is no final happy ending / destination– yet. but i do know for certain that my story will have a delightfully happy ending filled with rejoicing. it’s going to be awesome. but the story’s still in progress with different chapters yet to be written. and with each chapter, another plot, and another climax.

it really isn’t easy to write a book. maybe it’s because i’m no writer at all. maybe, just maybe…