running away

she went down to the basement, slammed the garage door behind her, and ran out of the house. something so rare (running out of the house is an unheard of happening in her family) yet something so needed in her soul. she ran and ran, and stopped. her heart beating, her cheeks cold, her chest heaving and panting. she stopped and breathed in the crispness of the wintry, nippy air. thoughts began to flood her mind as her heart felt free again, like a joyous bird out of its cage.

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i need a silent night

Emmanuel- God with us. Prince of Peace. Savior. Son of God.

Jesus help us to focus on you- the bringer and creator of peace. YOU are the reason for the season. help us to stop and remember You, amidst all the chaos and the noise this Christmas season.


where’s the line to see Jesus?

a little toddler asked, “Where’s the line to see Jesus?” if Christmas is all about Jesus, why don’t we see Him more?
beautiful song with a beautiful story. watch it below and read about it here: