when too much ice cream did some good.

the beautiful, fluffy clouds peeking out of towering skyscrapers of magnificent architecture. the heat of the summer that causes sweat to roll down your back and your clothes to stick, clinging to your body. the mouth-watering smell of foods from all around the world entering my nose at once, mixed in with more-than-welcome wafts of sewerage, exhaust, and garbage. the sounds of all different tastes of music makes me want to dance… jazz, pop, swing. along with that, the noises of a city are evident — cars honking, people yelling, an ambulance screaming to pass through. stands and vendors selling anything and everything from sunglasses, falafel, caricature, nuts, gyros, posters, and sun-hats. the city is always a buzz — people bustling, moving to and fro. people heading to work, stopping to take photos, begging for money… i feel a sense of community in this city when i see groups of people playing chess and checkers together Continue reading