pexels-photo-551588.jpegthey happened so long ago. i thought i had stuffed them down, scrunched them like paper to a ball and thrown them far beyond my eyes could see. yet they’re all of a sudden coming back… like a boomerang. all flooding back.

those pen-inked stains of my wrist when i wrote the date across the top right corner of my journal – when all i felt was a weak dullness in my heart and words became my comfort. there was a time when those heavy hearted dates were permeated across my forehead. they left their mark, and i thought that mark would never leave – always at the front of my mind. but they did. slowly but surely, those inked markings began to wear away. they no longer shrouded my thoughts or trampled my spirits. and yet today i see numbers. the numbers i thought i had erased and moved past from. they’ve come again. all flooding back


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