i feel all of a sudden stripped bare
left in the cold, reaching for something to hold
they say the father up above is looking down in love
and all i must do is abide

abide. to be still.
to rest, rest in the rivers of his peace
to release, release my control and trust his will

release —
open hands, eyes up.
unclenched jaws, uncrossed arms
crying hosanna, Savior come
hosanna, save me now

my release of control paves the way
to see every perfect thing in every day
when i release i can enjoy the crashing waves
for i know when the ocean roars and the waves crash down
there i’ll see my Savior standing tall
calming my feeble spirit in gentle comfort to be still

my head bows low as i remember the one
who stretched his arms so very wide
to show his love —
so deep and vast and great
much too lofty to comprehend

and as he stretched his arms so wide
long-headed spears pierced his side
the crimson drops burst out that day
the perfect lamb for you and me

that day he gave up control
for he was capable and more than able
to get off that tree
but no, he gave up power
so that the crimson drops he shed
could cover all humanity

what do you call it?
i call it love
i call it grace
i call it hallelujah, what a savior
i call it the answer to our daily cry– hosanna

no wonder hearts and love are colored red
not because of the certain redness of a love-stricken’s blush
rather it must be because of all the pain that comes
from the greatest love story of all mankind

at the end of the day at the switch of the light
i examine my heart
searching, reflecting, feeling…

prone to wander, Lord i feel it
prone to leave the God i love
here’s my heart, O take and seal it
seal it for thy courts above

and now from my bended knee
i stand up and rise.


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