running away

she went down to the basement, slammed the garage door behind her, and ran out of the house. something so rare (running out of the house is an unheard of happening in her family) yet something so needed in her soul. she ran and ran, and stopped. her heart beating, her cheeks cold, her chest heaving and panting. she stopped and breathed in the crispness of the wintry, nippy air. thoughts began to flood her mind as her heart felt free again, like a joyous bird out of its cage.


people ask me if i am okay and i’m just not sure what to say anymore. tbh, i am worn out. it’s such a struggle to even pull myself out of bed. maybe i am just disappointed at life. things haven’t exactly turned out the way i thought they should. and though i am surrounded with people, there is an emptiness in me that is void. why am i so empty, lonely, and drained? hurt people hurt people and i guess that’s something i have to get used to as part of being human. i want to slow down, to press a pause on life. to snuggle in blankets without a care in the world. to disappear and watch life from a distance. i hate this pain and i hate this mundane. my physical health is wary, my emotional state is shaky, and my work ethic is being bipolar right now. and i’m mad at myself for feeling this way. i want to be fully present in life, to live a life full of joy and whimsy (read Bob Goff’s Love Does). i want to bask in the presence of the one who embodies joy, peace, and love; who comforts us in our troubles and is the wonderful counselor.

let my customary closing be as much of a reminder to you as it is to me…

Always keep singing,



4 thoughts on “running away

  1. Interesting thoughts and you’re not alone. Even with Jesus in my heart I feel alone somedays. It’s nice to know He stays so close, just a breath away.
    I don’t think I thanked you for your follow and apologize for not saying anything sooner. I tend to put new follows on hold until I get a chance to read their blogs. Unfortunately, they get lost in the long list of emails. I enjoyed the few pieces of your writing that I read so I’m following you.

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  2. Aw, I know just how you feel! I honestly am feeling this way too. 😦 It’s so hard to think that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but we have to trust. Life has it’s up and downs, and much of the time, I feel like there are only downs. But we have to keep on. Although our burdens are heavy and we are weary and in need of rest, we have to keep pressing on, because there WILL be relief and there WILL be happiness and it WILL be worth it. God does not give us more than we can handle. You’re strong enough. I’m strong enough. Proverbs 3:5-6.

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