words fail me

the shadow of the pen falls
the pen touches the paper

as ink flows out.

an indescribable expression.
something so concrete,

yet abstract.

a shadow clouds my mind as a thought enters.

thoughts. feelings. emotions.

a multitude of ramblings,

so jumbled in my brain.


still breathing.


the ability to:
enlighten your soul
make your cheeks red
get your hands all clammy

mouth– all of a sudden mute.

they pack a punch
they skip a beat
they put a smile on a face

they break one’s heart

words are power.

try as i might,

words fail me

there have been times
when ink did not flow
and thoughts just could not

flow. out.

i say to myself,
“how can this be?
words, please come to me!”
yet they remained–

stuck. inside.

what am i to do?

the indescribable expression.
buried in the uttermost parts of my heart

trapped. within.


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