cycle of life

life is like a cycle of ups and downs. when i am healthy and my grades are above 90%, life looks pretty good to me. but then there comes stress, distractions, sickness, and of course, the consequences of procrastination. that’s when life feels bad… my world caves in, my plates fall, i’m a mess. i’m in my second year in high school now– so often it seems like i’ve had more bad days than good.

sometimes i wonder, “If life is filled of all these all I can think about are bad, horrible things, then is life worth living? what is God’s purpose for the curve balls he throws in my life?”

as i wandered through life, trying to see meaning in the messes, i’ve come to see that the mere fact that i made it through another day is enough of a reason to keep living for Him. he’s the one who’s blessed me with life. the gift of life is so short. we should make it an effort to live not just for the sake of living, but to live a life devoted to Him.

when life gets bumpy, i’ve started to intentionally be thankful despite the bumps. God doesn’t promise we can just cruise down the road of life. instead of straying away and taking it out on God for all these bad things, i’ve started to cling to Him more. i’ve started to find joy in Him; in reading His word; in talking with Him. yes, life is like a cycle of ups and downs. life can feel bad at times. but that’s not what’s important. what’s important is what you do with that status. if I’m mopey about my bad life status, that doesn’t help anyone. but if I put God in the front of my troubles, I find endurance to keep going.


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