still i rise | no. 10

dear october -- i. you know my name... we bumped into each other at the bookstore and you embraced me with hugs. you are all so warm and friendly and lovable. it's hardly been a couple weeks. i. mindfulness meditation... second week of class, and we wheel … Continue reading still i rise | no. 10


still i rise | no. 9

dear september -- i. hi i love your pfp that is all... which became a "why are you up" and "you alright?" and exchanges of assurance of His peace when thoughts wage war. even when lies come, you are altogether worthy and loved and understood by … Continue reading still i rise | no. 9

still i rise | no. 8

dear august -- i. i can't get enough... oh, He is faithful and good. ps. 145 i. Lord, help me to live with a will that is bent towards integrity and wholeness in all areas of my life. ii. you're the bomb dot comb... you are an awesome … Continue reading still i rise | no. 8

still i rise | no. 7

dear july -- i. who am i?... why does it seem my work is so tied to who i am? yes, my work ethic draws characteristics, but who am i and what am i at my core? what makes ii. just allow yourself to be... just … Continue reading still i rise | no. 7

still i rise | no. 6

dear june -- i. no more night... daybreak has come. grateful for technology that allowed for grieving, celebrating in spirit, and joining in heaven's song. ii. 1/2... graduation. did it, done it. walked up, walked out, stood among, stood tall, stood proud. yet inside still denying whether this is … Continue reading still i rise | no. 6

still i rise | no. 5

dear may -- i. decision day... glorious weather, beautiful blooms, unexplainable peace, bubbling excitement. phone calls with mrs. h in the thrill of the outdoors, imexcitedimexcitedimexcited imexcitedforyouimexcitedforyou i. i'm sorry you don't see the beauty in the night. i'm sorry for the darkness that seems to separate … Continue reading still i rise | no. 5

sincerely, me.

dear, me -- time is a precious thing and the people in your life maybe more so. remember that rainy day under the shelter of that train stop? when she whispered grace and assurance, strength and encouragement? do you remember that day? and music. there … Continue reading sincerely, me.